Tankinis for Women

The Many Benefits Wearing Tankinis for Women

Tankinis for women are now a very popular choice for women of all sizes and shapes. This article will cover some of the basic information about what a tankini is, as well as why many women now enjoy wearing tankinis even more so than bikinis. Whilst tankinis are a very popular options nowadays for children’s swimwear, they are now also favored by many adult women as well. This article will focus more on the women’s tankini options out there on the market today.

What is a Tankini?

At its most simple, a tankini is a two piece bathing suit. There is a tank top, plus the bottoms. The name tankini simply comes from a combination of tank top and bikini. Many women prefer the tankini style bathing suit to a traditional bikini, as it provides more coverage and allows one to feel a little more comfortable; not everybody wants to reveal their entire body, and a tankini provides a comfortable balance between a bikini and a more restrictive one piece bathing suit. In addition to the aesthetic reasons that many women enjoy wearing a tankini instead of a bikini, there are also many practical reasons to do so. In particular, it makes it more comfortable to engage in many water and sand activities like volleyball, swimming and kayaking, for example, as there is no need to continually adjust the top portion of the outfit, as can be a problem with bikini tops.

Even big name and luxury designer fashion labels such as Ralph Lauren, Rebecca Virtue and Calvin Klein have made their way into the tankini design market, with some very unique designs that combine the traditional tankini style with halterneck tops, essentially becoming a “halterkini”. Many of these top end designer tankini and related items can range in cost from $80 up to $120. If quality of the clothing is of the utmost importance to you, then you may be interested in these designer brands.

Other Tankini Variations

Some of the other available variants of a tankini that are available include a camkini and a bandeaukini. A camkini features thinner spaghetti straps rather than the thicker straps seen on tank tops. However these days, camkinis and tankinis are generally not differentiated by name due to the fact that tankinis are available in such a huge choice of styles, including both thin and thick straps, as well as halternecks.

Some of the unique features that a tankini for women might also incorporate include an internal push-up bra, or some other such support. These tankinis are then even more practical for physical activity, or just for extra comfort, as most women will not feel inclined to wear a bra underneath due to the visibility of it. Then there is the lesser known bandeaukini, which is generally not referred to by name, but is of the style of a tube top. Sometimes these tankini styles are also called a bandini. Many women prefer this type of tankini as it looks much less like a swimsuit, and more like something which can be worn in general dress, away from the beach. This makes the bandini, or bandeaukini, quite a flexible design that many women like to own at least one or two of, in a range of colors and patterns. Another design, which has not gained considerably in popularity, is the skirtini, consisting of a small skirt for the bottom half of the outfit.

There is no doubt that the tankini and all of its variants has set off new fashion trends that has resulted in a large number of other clothing items that have used the tankini for inspiration, even including formal and wedding dresses in many cases.

Which Tankinis for Women to Choose?

Some of the body types that might be suited to a tankini include women who have a relatively modest bust size, as well as for women who have a longer than average torso. Additionally, tankinis are simply great for women who don’t want to show off their stomach with a bikini, but still want that flexibility and comfort, and the ability to be able to swim or sunbathe.

There are of course a wide range of places that you can purchase a tankini from. But buying quality is not always as easy as it seems. The materials that the tankini is made from will largely determine how comfortable and well fitting it is, as well as how long it lasts you. One of the sources for the largest range of quality tankini products is Zappos.com. This website sells many different styles of tankinis, as well as a huge variety of colors, designs and fits. They have taken the tankini beyond just the basic beach wear design and come up with a huge selection of fashionable options, covering a range of budgets, so there is certainly something to suit every taste and need.

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If you dread summer each year because it means you will have to be seen in a bikini, then you should consider tankinis for women.

You will find several benefits of wearing these over the traditional two piece. When you are wearing this, you won’t have to dread the summer months any longer because really, isn’t summer great? If you are not familiar with this type of suit, many people think of it as the sister to the bikini who is just a little bit modest. She wants to show some skin but not nearly the same amount as her bikini sister.


Tankinis for women have grown fast in popularity. Because the concept is very flexible, a number of different styles are available, and the variants keep growing. Also with the ability to mix and match tankini swimsuits tops and bottoms, the possible styles are endless.

Four main styles of women’s tankini swimwear are the most prevalent. The halter tankinis, apron tankinis, bandeau tankinis and the camisole tankini.


One of the latest trends in swimwear is the tankini for women. Tankini swimsuits have become popular over the past few years mainly because of the following attractive qualities; They are comfortable and practical. They can be worn by any body type. And they are very stylish, offering many different configurations to suite anyone’s tastes.